2007-2008 Women Entrepreneurship Supporting Project
2007-2008 Integration of Women to Economic and Social Life-2
2007 Training Logistics for Medical Professionals
2007-Strengthening the Capacity of Impact Analysis (Environment)
2007-2008 Integration of Women to Economic and Social Life-1
2006-2007 KAYEP
2006-2007 Total Quality in Tourism- Van
2006-2007 Edremit Church Restoration Project
2006-2007 Regional Employment and SMEs Development Project
2006-2007 Hakkari Honey Production Center
2005-2007The Balkans/Asia Minor e-Entrepreneur Project
2005-2006 Raising Awareness of Women in the East and Southeast Regions of Turkey
2005- Çankaya Municipality Training Project
2005-Marmaris Municipality Training Project
2005 Datça Association of Artsmen and Craftsmen Training Project
2005-2006 Human Rights Training and Awareness Creating In Southeastern Turkey
2005 GAP Rural Development Project
2004-2007-GAP GİDEM -Public Relations and Visibility Project
2005-2006 SHÇEK Promotion Campaign Project
2005- Entrepreneurship Training of Prisoners in Şanlıurfa Prison
2005 Siirt General Entrepreneurship Training
2005- KÖİK Diyarbakır
2004-2005 KÖİK Erzincan
2004-2005 KOSGEB's SME Consultancy services project in Erzurum
2004-2005 KOSGEB's SME Consultancy Services Project of Adıyaman
2004-2005 Atılım University Entrepreneurship Training
2003- Azerbaijan NGOs Training Project
2002- GÜNSİAD Training Project
2002- Kars Municipality Training Project
2001- Igdır Chamber of Commerce Training Project
2000-2002 Fethiye Municipality Training Project