Welcome to Lidea...

LIDEA, the Academy of Leadership, Communication and Change Management; is founded in 1998 with the objective of increasing the personnel qualifications in the Turkish public and private sector and in order to gain new knowledge and skills in the contemporary competitive conditions of today . LIDEA is the union of a group of experts, academicians, trainers who are strongly united regarding their ideas, hearths and objectives. Although they are the experts on their specific fields, they have the capacity to work in a multi - disciplinary perspective, reach the contemporary information and adapt it to Turkey's culture and necessities.

LIDEA is a consultancy company specialized in capacity building trainings and management consultancy for private and public sector companies. LIDEA, is the abbreviation of Leadership, Communication and Change Management Academy, which was founded after getting trained on the relevant issues in 7 different countries, namely in Sweden, USA, Israel, Finland, Norway, England; in addition to that the personal and professional background of each partner and expert of the company should be taken into consideration. LIDEA has a core personnel group who serves on project basis.

LIDEA has its headquarter in GOP, Ankara. A fully equipped high-tech office, with all needed office equipments and mobile equipments for on-the-site trainings and consultancies are the main assets, as well as our vehicles.

LIDEA has well established and deep rooted relations with municipalities, local governorates and NGO's in most cities of Turkey. This is an outcome of delivered services, realized projects and personal relations throughout the last 7 years. Besides its well established relations with the above mentioned institutions, LIDEA has also good relations with State bodies and private sector because of its services and professional background of its founders and experts.

Since its establishment, LIDEA has actualized several national and international projects, with Turkish state institutions, private sector, EU, World Bank, international NGO's and universities from Turkey and abroad. Details of these projects and names of institutions and companies are provided below.
LIDEA's expertise and experience in retrospective consist of:

Project design, development and implementation
Team building and coordination for the projects
Logistical coordination of personnel, facilities and equipment
Curriculum development and training for SME's, private and public sector and NGO's
Consultancy on strategic management, crisis management, human resources management, brand and corporate identity management, reputation management.
Consultancy on law and legislative issues.
Consultancy on PR and visibility.
Consultancy on Government relations, media relations and event management