Preparing Work Plan


Emphasizing why work plan is so important for entrepreneurs in the establishment process and giving necessary imformation on the content and preparation of work plan


• What is work plan?
• Why to prepare a work plan
• Aim and usage of work plan
• Structure and development of work plan
o Information about entrepreneur
o Info about the work to be established
 Legal structure of the work to be established
 Partnership structure of the work to be established and info about partners
 Permissions, licences and other official documents for the work to be established
 Plan for establishment period
o Searching the features of market rerlatd with work idea
 Sectors and their features of which the work idea is a part
 Searching product / service target customer index and their features
 Searching for the competitors in target market and competition position
o Developing marketing plan
 Determining marketing and sales targets
 Determining precautions rearding the competition in market
 Preparing sales forecasts and plans
 Pricing product / service
 Determining Product / service distribution methods and their channels
 Determining means and methods to be used in Product / service marketing
 Preparation of marketing plan
o Determining and planning Product / service production process
 Preparing production plans
 Determining necessary machines and equipments for production/presentation
 Determining necessary raw materials and other inputs for production/presentation
 Determining and planning the need for work force
 Choosing a place for establishment and its features
o Organizational and administrative structure of the company
 Determining and planning the main processes other than production / service
 Determining and planning back-up processes other than production / service
 Determining staff and their mission, function and responsibilities

o Financial plan of establishment and management period
 determining start -up investment for the establishment
 determining capital and outputs
 determining total investment amount and the financial resources
 determining financial movements, calculating cash flow and measuring company profit
o Making weekly and monthly activity plans
• Useful methods for the preparation of work plan
o ‘Getting info' methods and its sources
o Useful computer softwares
o Template work plan
• Sample work plan presentation