Preparing a Feasibility Report


Emphasizing how to prepare and use a feasibility report, which is another important stage of work establishment, and transferring necessary info to entrepreneurs about the content of feasibility report

• What is feasibility and feasibility report?
• Why to prepare a feasibility report?
• Structure of feasibility reports
o Info about entrepreneur
 Capital structure and partnerships
 Legal structures
 References and its preparation
o Info about investment
 Investment types
 Investment topic and its selection
 Choosing a place for establishment
 Determining an investment date
 Determining a time period and production to be tried
 Determining an investment economic life
 Forming an employment structure
 Investment encouragement and utilization methods
 Explaining investment requirements
 Preparing and explaining investment summary
 Determining and explaining product and services to be produced
 Choosing and explaining target market
 Choosing and explaining target mass
 Making and reporting market search results
• Regional market analysis
• National market analysis
• International market analysis
o Export and import opportunities and methods
o Determining investment capacity
o Selection of technologies related with investment and production technologies
o Determining the need of Patent, Licence, Royalty and Know-How and purchasing
o Forming a list of raw materials and obtaining them
o Preparing work flow terminology and flow schemas
o Preparing facility placement plan
o Determining environmental effects and preparing a report

• Financial investment analysis
o Determining and calculating fix investment cost
o Determining and calculating annual management expenditures
o Determining and calculating management capital
 Preparing financial charts
 Preparing investment period finance plan
 Preparing management period information chart
 Preparing Income-expenditure and fund flow charts
 Preparing cash flow chart
• Evaluation of investment
o Financial Evaluation
 Aim of financial evaluation
 Financial evaluation criteria (portions)
• profitability of capital
• profitability of investment
• annlysis of net value of today
• internal profitability rate
• duration to pay back investment
• break-even analysis
 preparation of financial evaluation table
o economic evaluation
 aim of economic evaluation
 economic evaluation criteria
• Net domestic value added
• Productivity of investment
• Productivity of capital
• Capital employment ratio
• capital output ratio
• useful methods in the process of preparing feasibility report
 information and statistics searching methods and sources
 computer usage and useful softwares
 feasibility report template
• presentation of sample feasibility report