Our Vision

Our vision is to supply trainings and consultancy services to the managers and other oficials of Turkey especially in this period of integrating with European Union and its institutions. LIDEA emphasizes the preparatory trainings for the world competition, and focuses on the personal and institutional development by taking into account the adult training characteristics.
Our objective is to be the leading institution that combines the capacity improvement trainings desired by the workers and the consultancy services in various fields desired by the managers and businessmen under one single roof. Moreover, LIDEA realizes this objective under a high quality quarantee. LIDEA believes that there is nothing which a Turk can not achieve as long as he / she is equippped with the information appopriate to their development potential.
In conclusion, our vision is to be a solution partner for the companies who seek professional expertise in various fields of business life. We always try to be Available, Eligible and Affordable for them.