Our Principles

Our quality policy is to accept our customers as our partners in the way of growing together and providing them the services needed in the highest quality. LIDEA, not only has its own quality policy, but also makes service quality agreements with the experts and companies that LIDEA supplies its outsources. Our principles are;

• Training and consultancy services provided by LIDEA, are presented with high quality service guarantee of LIDEA
• Customers' private information is not exposed without written permission of them.
• Works in close collaboration with customers' other consultants in different areas
• Reports about the progress are presented to the customers in a proper and frequent way depending on the nature of the work
• After the completion of services, documents and information is not shared with third persons or parties, and no explanation would be made about the services.
• Any attitudes against law and general moral rules are refused during the services and existence of such demands will cause the severe of relationship with the customer.
• Services are provided within the appropriate minimum time, cost and with highest qualified human resource. No expenditure would be made other than the agreed contract, without written approval of the client.
• Provides the highest quality services in accordance with the customers' preferences and explains the scope of services, alternatives and possible results to the customer.