2007-2008 Women Entrepreneurship Supporting Project


Name of the Project: Technical Assistance for Provision of Entrepreneurship and Management Training and Consultancy to Support Women Entrepreneurship through Training Centres and Relays

Project Reference Number: EuropeAid/123907/D/S/TR

Project Starting Date: 24 July 2007

Duration of the Project: 18 months

Project Finishing Date: 30 November 2008

Parties Concerned: ECORYS (NL), UNIDO (AT), The CUOA Foundation (IT), Cotecno S.r.l. (IT)

Objective of the Project: The overall objective of the Women Entrepreneurship Suppport (WES) Project is to support women entrepreneurship and to get them to play a more active role in business. The specific objective of the project is to provide entrepreneurship training and consultancy services for women entrepreneurs. The project covers 9 Training Centers in Ankara, Antalya, İstanbul, Konya, Adana, Malatya, Manisa, Nevşehir, Samsun and 16 Training Relays in Düzce, Eskişehir, Kastamonu, Muğla, Tekirdağ, Kırklareli, Hatay, Tunceli, Sivas, Erzurum, Balıkesir, Uşak, Yozgat, Amasya, Ordu and Tokat. In the scope of the project, training of 4500 women and providing consultancy for 1500 women is aimed. The target group of the project is mainly women who have a business idea but do not know how to start up their business, women who have already established their own small business and want to improve their business.

Role of Lidea: In the scope of the project, Lidea has conducted training needs assessment in order to define the content of the trainings. In 25 provinces, Focus Group Interviews are conducted. Several representatives from private and public bodies, trade and industry chambers, vocational high schools and universities joined the meeting and presented their ideas about women entrepreneurship in the province. Moreover, Face to Face Interviews are conducted with 40 people in each province and the opinions of the public about women entrepreneurship are derived. Analyzing all the data gathered from Focus Group Meetings and Face to Face Meetings, Lidea has prepared a TNA report and presented it to the project leader ECORYS. According to each province's needs and demands, training materials will be developed and applied in each province.