2005-2006 Raising Awareness of Women in the East and Southeast Regions of Turkey

Project Title: Raising Awareness of Women to Entrepreneurship in the East and Southeast Regions of Turkey

Name of Client: NED Foundation

Detailed description of project
The project has the purpose of raising awareness on the socio-economical problems of the women in the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia by creating awareness on women for the reason that it will lead to the economic independence from their family, and which will also result in gaining higher status in their community.
The first step of the project is the preparation of TV programs in a regional TV channel during four months. These programs are going to be taken over in order to create public sensitivity on the societal problems of the female household and to exhibit them successful female entrepreneurs. All those efforts will pave the way of understanding the existing potential of female entrepreneurship in the region.There are monthly themes; such as violence and woman; democracy and woman, using social rights entrepreneurship for economic independence.
As an important tool for the measurement of raised awareness targeted by the project, a seminar organized by the related NGO at the end of each 4 programs which have the same social theme; the scale of female participants along with a survey for each seminar with a minimum of 20 female help to understand the influence created by the programs.
In the final process, results of surveys will be analyzed; data acquired will be discussed in a final meeting with NGOs. After the preparation of the final report, the whole project will be presented and published as book and also, a CD, which will cover the highlights of TV programs, will be made. The latest step will be the distribution of the books and CDs to the related.

Type of services provided by LİDEA:
• To provide women in Turkey's southeast provinces with the necessary skills and knowledge to enhance their role in socio-economic life.
• To raise awareness in the broader community of women's rights and their role in Turkish democratic development by encouraging women to participate in public life.
• Raising awareness of the targeting group (women in the region) on the economic independence, social and democratic rights and entrepreneurship.
• Production of TV programs for creating conscience for the socio-political problems of women so that they become aware of that this is not their fate,
• For female family members, i.e. mother and her daughter, narration of the success stories of the entrepreneur women and their social acquisitions by economic independence in the same programs,
• Measurement of TV programs by surveys at the end of each theme, i.e. after each four episodes; watchers' reactions to the programs with their letters, e-mails and SMS.
• Preparation of reports for the evaluation of the project,
• Publication of a book and preparation of a CD for the summary and results of the project.
• Distribution of the books and CDs to the universities, related NGOs, public institutions in the region.