2005-2006 Human Rights Training and Awareness Creating In Southeastern Turkey

Project Title: Human Rights Training and Awareness Creating In Southeastern Turkey

Name of Client: NED Foundation

Detailed description of project
The project aims to deliver human rights training and create awareness of the current Turkish and international Human rights practice to the people living in the Southeastern region. Diyarbakır, Mardin, Batman and Siirt provinces were selected as the project ground in order to have a pilot implementation that could be carried out to the other (5) provinces of the region if the project would reach its goals.
Project will be designed and implemented by the cooperation of GUNSIAD (Association of Southeastern Industrialists and Businessmen) and Diyarbakır Bar Association. LIDEA Consultancy Co., which is a professional consultancy company that has expertise and experience in international project management, will assist those in designing, implementing and monitoring of the project.
The project consists of information conferences and publications (publication and distribution of books, leaflets and posters about human rights, Turkish law and EU integration's effects on those) that will be realized in the before mentioned 4 provinces.
Project objectives can be stated as the followings:
• To encourage people to benefit from their legal rights.
• To create awareness of the human rights developments in Turkey, on the way to the accession to the EU.
• To inform people about their legal rights and responsibilities via seminars and printed material.
• Reach especially to the disadvantageous groups like, women and youth and inform them both about the human rights and about the change in Turkish civil code, which introduced many new rights to those groups.
• Reach to the law enforcers and implementers in the region via seminars and printed materials and affect the implementation process of the recently introduced rights in a positive way.
• Reach the NGO's of the region in order to secure their help about the monitoring of the implementations and future training programs.

Type of services provided
• Preparation, organization and management of project.
• Obtaining the trainers, curriculum development,
• All relevant training material supply, management of both project and participation records,
• Preparation of publications
• Capacity building of local NGOS