2005- KÖİDD Diyarbakır

Project Title: KOSGEB's SME Consultancy services project in Diyarbakır

Name of Client: KOSGEB Central Directorate, ŞANLIURFA

Type of services provided
• Pre-information about Entrepreneurship
• Preparation of Bussiness Plans according to the ideas of entrepreneurs
• Training on; Bussiness Formation and its management
• Research for feasibility
• Preparation of the Bussiness Plan and Committing the Legal work of the organisation
• Consultancy Service on the capacity improvement (for the people who become bussiness owners in 6 months)
• Increasing the capacity of Chamber of Commerce in project design and implementation
• Development of cooperation between Chamber of Commerce and entrepreneurs
• Establishing and developing the communication and cooperation between the local NGO's
• Interview with applicants
• Determination of entrepreneurs
• Business plan development
• Foundation of new companies
• Need and SWOT Analyses