2004-2005 KOSGEB's SME Consultancy Services Project of Adıyaman

Project Title
KOSGEB's SME Consultancy Services Project of Adıyaman

Name of Client
Şanlıurfa KOSGEB Central Directorate, ADIYAMAN

Detailed description of project
KOSGEB, standing as the leader organization in the World Bank financed Social Support for Privatization Project, (ref # 4587-TU), was assigned to provide
"Consultancy Service For Small Scale Business Establishment ".The objective of the
Project was to train all people who want to establish their own enterprise in different work
areas. In this period participants were benefited from consultancy services including work plan, feasibility plans etcs.
At the beginning phase of the project, communication with local NGO's, public institutions was developed and they were informed about the project objectives and benefits. Then Adıyaman Chamber of Commerce was agreed to be solution partner at local so that they took part in project implementation actively. Hence, the capacity of the Chamber of Commerce was increased project design and implementation. Another advantage of the taking part in the project actively for Chamber of Commerce was coming together with its beneficiaries by means of set up network.
During the project, KOSGEB was given assistance in terms of supplying those services like the determination of the unemployed people in Adıyaman to be unqualified and not susceptible to form a small scale business. 100 participants were selected from 350
applications. Common business ideas were establishing agricultural enterprises and some products were tomato sauce, jam, dries layers of mulberry pulp etc. Additionally, by the end of the project, women groups were formed and the following business ideas were developed; textile, production of souvenir from felt special to the district.
Service also includes managing the bussiness arrangement of the talented ones, providing workplaces for and helping with the bussiness management. Another objective of the project was to give consultancy services to newly established SMEs in reengineering. Consultancy services were given to 10 newly established firm and SWOT analyses of the firms were made in order to collect all relevant facts and important information about the firms.
Among 50 entrepreneurs whose bussiness plans were made 15 of them joined to the bussiness market owning their companies.In that context, the Project was planned, enforced and concluded by LIDEA.
Type of services provided
• Pre-information about Entrepreneurship
• Preparation of Bussiness Plans according to the ideas of entrepreneurs
• Training on; Bussiness Formation and its management
• Research for feasibility
• Preparation of the Bussiness Plan and Committing the Legal work of the organisation
• Consultancy Service on the capacity improvement (for the people who become bussiness owners in 6 months)
• Increasing the capacity of Chamber of Commerce in project design and implementation
• Development of cooperation between Chamber of Commerce and entrepreneurs
• Establishing and developing the communication and cooperation between the local NGO's
• Interview with applicants
• Determination of entrepreneurs
• Need and SWOT analysis