Project Title
GUNSIAD Training Project

Name of Client
Private Funds - GUNSIAD.

Detailed description of project
The objective of the project was to train the Chamber of commerce and SME's in investment, strategic management, conflict resolution, customer relations, communication skills, negotiation skills, leadership and change management to increase the quality of services in the region and capacity building for business sector. The specific objectives of the project were;
• To provide long and short-term expertise in the relevant sectors in order to increase the total quality in business sector.
• To obtain an increase in the managerial capacity and integration to regional, national and global markets.
• To provide long and short term expertise in the relevant sectors in order to assist with project supervision
• Capacity building for the Chamber and member SME's and to increase their capacity

Type of services provided
Preparation, organization and management of project, Obtaining the trainers, curriculum development, training centres organization, all relevant training material supply, management of both project and participation records, distribution of certificates and diplomas.
• Project Identification.
• Project Design and review.
• Preparation of implementation structure.
• Preparation of curriculum, programs, time schedule
• Project Supervision and implementation
• Evaluation, monitoring and reporting